U.S. Route 50, US-400 to KS-23


Location: US-50 and US-400, Ford Cty

Reassurance shield as we head out of Dodge City. The pointless concurrency to Colorado by US-400 makes many road enthusiasts’ back hairs bristle- there’s no good reason for the route to not end here, and as you will see signage for US-400 starts to significantly decline.

Location: US-50 and 102 Rd, Ford Cty

Reassurance shield as we pass the village of Howell

Location: US-50 and CR 22, Gray Cty

Reassurance shield as we enter Gray County

Location: Ave A and 5th St, Cimarron

A few miles later and we’ll enter Cimarron, which hates US-400

Location: Ave A and 5th St, Cimarron

US-400less reassurance shield as we enter Cimarron

Location: Ave A and 3rd St, Cimarron

Reassurance shield a couple blocks later, still without US-400

Location: Ave A and 2nd St, Cimarron

And another reassurance shield a block later, still without US-400 (and this one even has room!)

Location: A St and 1st St, Cimarron

Junction K-23 coming up here in a couple blocks

Location: Ave A and Main St, Cimarron

Follow US-50/400 West towards Garden City, K-23 South towards Meade, and K-23 North towards Dighton

Location: Ave A and 1st St, Cimarron

Right for K-23 North, left for K-23 South, straight for US-50 West and sadly unsigned US-400 West

 W to US-83/US-50 Bus, E to US-50 Bus

 W to US-83/US-50 BusE to US-56

N to KS-156, S to US-56

 W to KS-23E to US-56