U.S. Route 54, KS-96 to I-35


Location: US-54 and K-96, Andover

54/400 turns into a freeway at this point and will remain until well west of Wichita. Follow I-135 to get to the Kansas Coliseum and the old dog track

Location: US-54 and Greenwich Rd, Wichita

We’ll finally enter Wichita! Hooray!

Location: US-54 and Greenwich Rd, Wichita

Reassurance shield as we enter Wichita

Location: US-54 and Webb Rd, Wichita

US-54 will directly connect to I-35/Kansas Turnpike here in half a mile

Location: US-54 and Kansas Turnpike, Wichita

Exit right for I-35/Kansas Turnpike, which heads north to Kansas City and south to Oklahoma City

W to I-135/US-81/KS-15, E to US-77

 W to I-135/US-81/KS-15E to US-77

S to KS-15, N to KS-96

W to I-35