U.S. Route 54, US-77 to KS-96


Location: 7th St and Walnut St, Augusta

Reassurance shield after the US-77 split. These two routes run concurrent most of the way to Dodge City. US-400 is a new route and will frequently be signed as an afterthought, with US-54 being the dominant route.

Location: US-54 and Dike Rd, Butler Cty

Just as we head out of Augusta we’ll run into the first such situation, as US-54 is signed solo as The Yellow Brick Rd. Yellow Brick Rd, of course, being a reference to the Wizard of Oz which took place in Kansas

Location: US-54 and Santa Fe Lake Rd, Butler Cty

Reassurance shield after a car dealer and county road- the road into Wichita is pretty developed from here on out and the road is a four lane road

Location: US-54 and Indianola Rd, Butler Cty

Reassurance shield as we pass the Augusta (executive) Airport

Location: US-54 and Andover Rd, Andover

Reassurance shield as we enter the city of Andover, a suburb of Wichita. There was no city limit sign

Location: US-54 and 159th St, Andover

Junction K-96 which heads immediately to I-35/Kansas Turnpike coming up in 1 mile

Location: US-54 and 143rd St, Andover

1/2 mile to K-96 TO I-35/KTA

Location: US-54 and K-96, Andover

Exit for K-96, which serves as the northern part of the Wichita beltway and then heads all the way to Colorado. Immediately after this exit it will junction with I-35- the underpass in the distance is actually with I-35.

W to I-35, E to US-400

 W to I-35E to US-54/US-77

W to I-35

S to KS-15, N to US-400