U.S. Route 160, KS-27 to KS-27


Location: US-160 and K-27, Stanton Cty

Reassurance shield after 27 joins 160.

Location: US-160 and Grant Ave, Johnson Cty

US-160 follows the west and north edges of Johnson City.

Location: US-160 and Beatty Ave, Johnson City

On the northwest side of town, K-27 will split.

Location: US-160 and K-27, Johnson City

Follow 160 east to Ulysses. Stay on 27 north for Syracuse.

Location: US-160 and K-27, Johnson City

Turn right for US-160 east. Stay straight for K-27 north.

 E to KS-25, W to CO State Line

 S to KS-51, N to US-50/US-400

 S to US-160, N to US-50/US-400

 S to KS-51, N to US-160