Illinois Route 157, IL-15 to IL-161


Location: 88th St and Route 157, Centreville

Reassurance shield after the 15 junction.

Location: 88th St and Route 15, Centreville

4 miles to Interstate 64.

Location: 88th St and Foley Dr, Centreville

Reassurance shield a couple miles later.

Location: Route 157 and State St, East St Louis

Reassurance shield as we enter the extreme east end of East St Louis.

Location: Route 157 and St. Clair Ave, East St Louis

At St. Clair Avenue, we’ll approach Route 161, which for some reason isn’t marked. Follow it south into Fairview Heights.

 N to I-64/US-50, S to IL-13

 S to IL-159

 W to I-255/US-50, E to IL-13