U.S. Route 93, I-90/S-474 to S-574


AMP: 0

Location: US 93 and I-90, Desmet, Missoula Cty

Reassurance shield with errorness as 93/200 split from I-90

AMP: 0

Location: US 93 and I-90, Desmet, Missoula Cty

27 miles until 200 splits from US 93. 574 will turn off here in a second without signage. It just follows the frontage road for a couple miles.

 N to S-559, S to I-90/I-90 Bus/US-93 Bus/MT-200

 W to S-559, E to I-90 Bus/US-93/US-93 Bus

 W to Huson

 E to I-90 Bus/US-93/US-93 BusW to S-263

 W to S-263