U.S. Route 50, MO-87 to US-50 Bus


Location: US-50 and Route 87, Moniteau Cty
Reassurance shield after the 87 junction.

 Location: US-50 and Gerhart Rd, Moniteau Cty

West of Route 87, US-50 drops back down to two lanes.

Location: US-50 and Flag Spring Rd, Moniteau Cty

A couple miles later, 50 Business will rejoin.

Location: US-50 and US-50 Business, Moniteau Cty

Follow 50 Business east back to California.

Location: US-50 and US-50 Bus, Moniteau Cty

Turn right for 50 Business east.

 W to MO-5, E to US-50 Bus

 E to MO-87

 N to US-50 Bus, S to US-54 Bus