U.S. Route 87, US-191/MT-3 to US-87 Bus/US-191 Bus/MT-200 Bus


AMP: 65

Location: US 87 and US 191, Fergus Cty

Reassurance shield as US 191 joins the highway and MT 3 departs. The wrong way concurrency lasts to Lewistown.

AMP: 79

Location: US 87  and D St, Fergus Cty

Fourteen miles later, keep left to stay on 87/191/200

AMP: 79

Location: US 87 and D St, Fergus Cty

Stay straight for 87/191/200 Business into Lewistown. Keep left to stay on the mainlines, which loop around town.


 S to S-237N to S-239

 N to S-237, S to S-297

 W to S-239E to S-237

 S to US-87/US-191 Bus/MT-200/MT-200 Bus/S-238

 N to US-87/US-87 Bus/MT-200/MT-200 Bus/S-238

 E to US-87/US-87 Bus/US-191 Bus/MT-200/S-238

 N to US-87 Bus/US-191 Bus/MT-200 Bus , S to S-297

 N to S-239, S to S-297