U.S. Route 87, S-207 to S-426


AMP: 50

Location: US-87 and S-207, Judith Basin Cty

Reassurance shield after the Secondary 207 junction.

AMP: 54

Location: US-87 and 2nd Ave, Moccasin, Judith Basin Cty

A few miles later, we’ll approach unincorporated Moccasin.

AMP: 54

Location: US-87 and 5th Ave, Moccasin, Judith Basin Cty

On the east side of Moccasin, we’ll approach Secondary 426.

AMP: 54

Location: US-87 and S-426, Moccasin, Judith Basin Cty

Turn left for 426 east. Stay straight for 87/3/200.


 S to S-239N to S-541

 N to S-541, S to S-239

 W to S-541E to S-239

 E to S-237

 N to MT-81