U.S. Route 87, S-334 to S-448


AMP: 101

Location: US-87 and S-334, Hill Cty

No reassurance shield after the 334 junction.

AMP: 89

Location: US-87 and 1st St, Hill Cty

As we approach Box Elder, we’ll come to a junction with S-448.

AMP: 89

Location: US-87 and 1st St, Box Elder, Hill Cty

Welcome to Box Elder!

AMP: 89

Location: US-87 and S-448, Box Elder, Hill Cty
Turn right for S-448, which heads west and north back up to the Hi-Line.

 S to S-236/S-432, N to US-2

 N to US-2/S-449

 S to Rocky Boy’s Reservation