U.S. Route 87, US-2 to S-334


AMP: 111

Location: US-87 and US-2, Hill Cty

Reassurance shield as US-87 begins. 87 goes all the way to the Gulf Coast in Texas. At the time I published this page in July 2016, this site has continuous coverage from here all the way to Brady, Texas, making it the longest continuous stretch of any highway that I have clinched.

AMP: 108

Location: US-87 and Old Post Rd, Hill Cty

Reassurance shield after the old turnoff into Havre.

AMP: 101

Location: US-87 and S-334, Hill Cty

A few miles later, we’ll approach unsigned Secondary 334, which spurs to the Rocky Boys reservation boundary, connecting to the main highway down to Rocky Boy Agency.

 S to S-448

 S to Rocky Boy’s Reservation

 E to S-234, W to S-448/S-449