Montana Secondary Highway 207, US-87/MT-3/MT-200 to MT-81


AMP: 0

Location: S-207 and US-87, Fergus Cty

Reassurance shield as Secondary 207 begins.

AMP: 20

Location: Benchland Rd and Iowa Bench Rd, Judith Basin Cty

207 follows a fairly boring track north between Benchland and Denton, but makes a hard unmarked left as we approach Denton.

AMP: 21

Location: Bain Ave and Broadway Ave, Denton

About a mile later, we’ll enter Denton and approach Montana 81. Turn right for 81 east and left for 81 west.

 E to S-547, W to MT-80

 S to S-426, N to S-541

 N to S-541, S to S-426

 W to S-541, E to S-426