Montana Secondary Highway 214, S-213 to I-15


AMP: 0

Location: S-213 and S-214, Glacier Cty

Reassurance shield after the S-213 junction as Secondary 214 begins.

AMP: 13

Location: Santa Rita Rd and Bilstad Rd, Glacier Cty

13 miles later, state maintenance ends but county pavement begins. This is a bad stretch of road.

AMP: 21

Location: Santa Rita Rd and Exxon Rd, Toole Cty

As we enter Toole County, pavement ends but road quality improves.

AMP: 32

Location: Loop Rd and Elm St, Toole Cty

Pavement begins again as we enter Sweet Grass.

AMP: 32

Location: 3rd Ave and Elm St, Sweet Grass, Toole Cty

In Sweet Grass, we’ll approach I-15. Turn right for I-15 south. Turn left to loop around to I-15 north to customs, connecting to Alberta 4. There’s no AB-4 trailblazers on this side of the border, unfortunately.

 S to S-552, N to AB-4/AB Int’l Boundary

 S to S-215, N to S-444