Montana Secondary Highway 234, US-2 to Rocky Boys Indian Reservation


Location: 5th Ave and 1st St, Havre

No reassurance shield as Secondary 234 begins.

AMP: 2

Location: S-234 and Sagebrush Dr, Hill Cty

A couple miles later, we’ll head out of Havre.

AMP: 20

Location: S-234 and Taylor Rd, Hill Cty

18 miles later, S-234 actually turns here to the right, as county maintenance begins on the big highway. This smaller road head over to the rez boundary.

AMP: 20

Location: Taylor Rd and S-234, Hill Cty

No reassurance shield after the turn.

AMP: 23

Location: Taylor Rd and Parker School Rd, Hill Cty

Three miles later, we’ll enter the Rocky Boys reservation as the state highway ends. The road continues to the Agency.

 E to S-232, W to US-87