Montana Secondary Highway 238, US-87/US-87 Bus/US-191 Bus/MT-200/MT-200 Bus to S-466


AMP: 0

Location: 1st Ave S and Main St, Lewistown

Reassurance shield as S-238 begins.

AMP: 4

Location: E Fork Rd and Fish Hatchery Rd, Fergus Cty

A couple miles later, as we head out of Lewistown, we’ll come to an unmarked junction with Secondary 466, a quick spur to nowhere. Turn right for 466 west.

 S to US-12/MT-3/MT-200

 W to Hanson Creek Rd

 S to MT-19/MT-200, N to US-191/US-191 Bus

 N to US-87/US-191/US-191 Bus/MT-200/MT-200 Bus

 N to US-87/US-191/MT-200S to US-87/US-87 Bus/US-191/MT-200/MT-200 Bus

 W to US-191/US-191 BusE to US-87/MT-19

 W to US-87/US-87 Bus/US-191/US-191 Bus/MT-200