Montana Secondary Highway 409, US-2 to S-217


AMP: 0

Location: Whitlash Rd and US-2, Liberty Cty

No reassurance shield as S-409 begins. 409 is unpaved for its entire length, making it one of the only if not the only unpaved border crossing in the continental USA.

AMP: 34

Location: S-409 and Blackjack Rd, Whitlash, Liberty Cty

34 dusty miles later, we’ll enter the remote little community of Whitlash.

AMP: 34

Location: S-409 and S-217, Liberty Cty

As we head out of Whitlash, we’ll approach S-217. Stay straight to follow S-217 back south. Turn right for 409 north to the Port of Whitlash.

 N to AB-880/AB Int’l Boundary

 S to S-343

 E to S-223, W to S-343