Montana Secondary Highway 426, US-87/MT-3/MT-200 to S-237


AMP: 0

Location: S-426 and US-87, Moccasin, Judith Basin Cty

Reassurance shield as S-426 begins. 426 is unpaved for its first fourteen miles.

AMP: 0

Location: S-426 and CR 301, Judith Basin Cty

Keep right at this unmarked fork as we head out of Moccasin to continue on S-426.

AMP: 10

Location: Kolin Rd and Tognetti Rd, Fergus Cty

As we enter Fergus County, S-426 is semi-erroneously signed as a county route. Fergus County does maintain this stretch of the secondary state highway.

AMP: 14

Location: S-426 and Danvers Rd, Fergus Cty

Just after the turnoff up to Danvers, pavement begins on S-426.

AMP: 26

Location: S-426 and Joyland Cutoff, Fergus Cty

Several miles later, we’ll come to an unmarked junction with S-237, which follows an unpaved neighborhood road down into Lewistown. Really not sure why it is a state highway.

 E to US-191

 S to US-87/US-191/MT-200

 S to S-239, N to S-207

 N to S-207, S to S-239

 W to S-239, E to S-207