Interstate 94, I-94 Bus/S-261 to I-94 Bus


Last Driven August 2020

AMP: 241

Location: I-94 and I-94 Business, Wibaux Cty

Reassurance shield as the business loop rejoins

(Historic Photo: May 2013)

AMP: 236

Location: I-94 and Yates Rd, Wibaux Cty

Reassurance shield a few miles later.

(Historic Photo: May 2013)

AMP: 230

Location: I-94 and CR 159, Dawson Cty

Reassurance shield after a random county road as we enter Dawson County

AMP: 217

Location: I-94 and Merrill Ave, Dawson Cty

As we approach Glendive, we’ll approach several state highways. 1.5 miles to the I-94 loop, which heads into town. 3.5 miles to the Sidney/MT-16 exit, and 5.5 miles to the Circle/MT-200S exit

AMP: 216

Location: I-94 and Merrill Ave, Dawson Cty

1 mile to the business loop

AMP: 215

Location: I-94 and Merrill Ave, Glendive

Exit to follow the business loop through Glendive.

 W to MT-16, E to I-94 Bus

 W to S-335

 E to MT-7

 N to MT-23