Iowa Highway 64, US-52/US-67 to US-52/IL-64/IL State Line


Last Driven February 2021

(Historic Photo: July 2013)

Location: US-52 and US-67, Jackson Cty

Reassurance shield as 64 joins 52 and we cross the Sabula Lakes into the floodprone island city of Sabula. They got the banners screwed up with the sign replacement.

(Historic Photo: July 2013)

Location: Sycamore St and Lake St, Sabula

Welcome to Sabula!

Location: Sycamore St and Broad St, Sabula

In downtown Sabula, turn left to stay on 52/64.

Location: Sycamore St and Broad St, Sabula

Turn left for 52/64 into the Land of Lincoln.

(Historic Photo: July 2013)

Location: US-52 at the Illinois Line, Jackson Cty

After the turn, we’ll head through some wetlands for about a quarter mile and then cross the Mississippi River into Illinois. Iowa 64 ends, but Illinois 64 takes its place. US 52 continues through Illinois. The historic 1932 Savanna-Sabula Bridge, which I drove in 2013, was replaced in 2017 by the new Dale Gardner Bridge, pictured here.

 W to US-67

 E to IL-84, W to IA-62

 E to IL-84, W to US-67/IL-64

 E to IL-84

 E to IA-64/IL-64/IL State Line, W to IA-62

 S to IA-64