U.S. Route 275, I-29/IA-92 to I-29/US-34


Location: I-29 and US-275, Council Bluffs

Reassurance shield as US-275 joins I-29 and we head out of Council Bluffs.

Location: I-29 and Bunge Ave, Pottawattamie Cty

A couple miles later, we’ll approach former Iowa 370, which was decomissioned in 2014.

Location: I-29 and Bunge Ave, Mills Cty

Exit for former IA-370, which heads west to Bellevue, Nebr.

Location: I-29 and Bunge Ave, Mills Cty

Reassurance shield after the  former Iowa 370 junction.

Location: I-29 and US-34, Mills Cty
In a mile, exit for US-34 and US-275. US-34 west used to concur with I-29 to an older bridge a few miles south, but in late 2014, a new bridge opened over the Missouri River just west of here, eliminating that concurrency. Exit here now for US-34 in both directions and US-275 south.

 S to US-34, N to IA-92/NE-92/NE State Line

 S to IA-2, N to I-80

 S to IA-2, N to US-275/IA-92

 W to NE State Line, E to US-275

 S to US-34/US-275, N to I-80

 E to US-59, W to US-275/NE-92/NE State Line