U.S. Route 20, US-281 to US-275/US-281


Location: Douglas St and Jefferson St, O’Neill

Reassurance shield as 281 joins and we head into downtown O’Neill.

Location: Douglas St and 3rd St, O’Neill

At the light, we’ll approach US-275.

Location: Douglas St and 4th St, O’Neill

Turn right for US-281 south, as we pass over the shamrock in the middle of this intersection. US-275 begins here, and heads to Rock Port, Missouri. It will concur with US-20 for a few miles though.

 E to US-275, W to NE-11

 N to NE-12, S to NE-95

 E to US-20

 N to NE-12, S to US-20

 N to NE-12, S to US-20/US-275