Montana Highway 16, MT-5 to SK-6/SK Int’l Boundary


AMP: 0

Location: Raymond Rd and 1st Ave, Plentywood

Reassurance shield as 16 splits. We’re 16 miles from the Medicine Line.

AMP: 7

Location: MT-16 and Spring Creek Rd, Sheridan Cty

A few miles later, stay on MT-16 for Canada.

AMP: 15

Location: MT-16 and SK-6, Sheridan Cty

Montana 16 ends in the distance as we approach Canada. The old border station is still there, to the left, with the new station visible in the distance. Montana 16 continues as Saskatchewan 6, which heads to Regina.

 S to MT-5

 N to SK-18

 W to S-374E to MT-16