U.S. Route 191, US-12 to S-297


AMP: 0

Location: US 191 and US 12, Wheatland Cty

Reassurance shield as 3 joins 191. The two routes will concur up to the US 87 junction

AMP: 17

Location: High St and Montana Ave, Judith Gap

17 miles later, we’ll enter Judith Gap, which was pretty much a whiteout when I got there

AMP: 17

Location: High St and 2nd Ave, Judith Gap

In downtown Judith Gap, we’ll approach S-297

AMP: 18

Location: High St and 4th Ave, Judith Gap

As we start to head out of Judith Gap, turn right for 297, which heads south back to US 12/MT 3 east of Harlowton

 N to US-87/MT-3/MT-200, S to US-12

 N to US-87/US-191/MT-200, S to S-297

 S to US-12/MT-3

E to S-297, W to US-191

 N to S-297S to S-297