Montana Highway 200, MT-59 to S-500


AMP: 212

Location: MT-200 and MT-59, Garfield Cty

Reassurance shield after MT-59 as we head out of Jordan.

AMP: 192

Location: MT-200 and Dutton Rd, Garfield Cty

Reassurance shield 20 miles later. Montana 200 sees an AADT of about 200 cars a day in this area – and it really does feel like the middle of nowhere.

AMP: 178

Location: MT-200 and Benzien Rd, Sand Springs, Garfield Cty

A few miles later, we’ll pass by Sand Springs, which is basically a post office.

AMP: 157

Location: MT-200 and Melstone Rd, Petroleum Cty

20 miles later, we’ll enter Petroleum County and approach S-500. Turn left for 500 south to Melstone.

 W to S-244, E to S-245

 S to US-12

 S to S-462