Montana Secondary Highway 532, Shiloh Rd to S-401


AMP: 17

Location: King Ave and Shiloh Rd, Billings

No reassurance shield as S-532 begins. 532 heads west down local roads for several miles before turning south towards Laurel.

AMP: 11

Location: King Ave and 88th St, Yellowstone Cty

We’ll drive down King Ave for 6 miles or so before approaching 88th St. Turn north on 88th St to stay on 532.

AMP: 11

Location: 88th St and King Ave, Yellowstone Cty

No reassurance shield after the turn, but the speed limit sign confirms we’re on a state highway.

AMP: 9

Location: 88th St and Lipp Rd, Yellowstone Cty

Just over a mile later, we’ll want to turn left to stay on the state highway.

AMP: 9

Location: Lipp Rd and 88th St, Yellowstone Cty

Again, no reassurance shield after the turn.

AMP: 7

Location: Lipp Rd and Buffalo Trail Rd, Yellowstone Cty

A couple miles later, we’ll approach S-401. Turn right for 401 towards Molt, which isn’t signed. Turn left for 532 towards Laurel and the Veterans Cemetery.

 S to I-90 Bus/US-310

 N to S-302