Montana Secondary Highway 336, ND State Line to S-413


AMP: 14

Location: Carlyle East Rd and 52nd St NW, Wibaux Cty

No reassurance shield for S-336 as we enter Montana. 336 is maintained by Wibaux County, and does get this one sign for Wibaux CR 52, probably as a continuation of 52nd in North Dakota, even though we’re now in Montana Prime Meridian country. Anyway, stay straight for S-336/Wibaux CR 52/Carlyle Rd.

AMP: 12

Location: Carlyle Rd E and Carlyle Rd S, Wibaux Cty

A couple miles later, we’ll approach S-413 at the junction of the Carlyle Roads. Turn left for Carlyle S/S-336. Stay straight for Carlyle W/S-413 south. Turn right for Carlyle N/S-413 north.

 S to MT-7

 S to MT-7, N to MT-7