Montana Secondary Highway 373, US-93 to S-269


AMP: 0

Location: Woodside Crossing and US-93, Ravalli Cty

Reassurance shield as S-373 begins. 373 is a quick connector from US-93 to Corvallis.

AMP: 1

Location: Woodside Crossing and Market St, Corvallis, Ravalli Cty

Just under two miles later, we’ll enter Corvallis.

AMP: 2

Location: Woodside Cutoff Rd and Eastside Hwy, Corvallis, Ravalli Cty

In downtown Corvallis, we’ll come to an unmarked junction with S-269. Turn left for 269 north and right for 269 south. Stay straight to continue on 373 for another two miles.

 E to Summerdale Rd

 N to S-370, S to US-93/S-531

 N to S-370, S to S-269/S-531