Montana Secondary Highway 565, MT-200 to US-89/S-431


AMP: 0

Location: Simms-Fairfield Rd and MT-200, Cascade Cty

No reassurance shield as S-565 begins and we head out of Simms.

AMP: 7

Location: Simms-Fairfield Rd and US-89, Teton Cty

Seven miles later, we’ll approach US-89 and S-431. Follow 89 south to Vaughn and I-15. Take 89 north to Fairfield.

AMP: 7

Location: Simms-Fairfield Rd and US-89, Teton Cty

Stay straight for 431 north towards Power. Turn right for 89 south and left for 89 north.

 S to MT-200, N to S-408

 E to I-15

 W to MT-21, E to US-89