Delaware Route 4, DE 100 to I-95/US-202


Location: Newport Pike and Race St, New Castle Cty

No reassurance shield after DE 100.

Location: Maryland Ave and Alban Dr, Wilmington

As we enter Wilmington, we’re told to stay on DE 4 for I-95.

Location: Maryland Ave and Bird St, Wilmington

Several blocks later, we’ll get another reassurance shield as we approach I-95.

Location: Maryland Ave and Adams St, Wilmington

As we cross I-95, turn left on Adams St to access I-95 and US-202. There is no access to I-95 from DE 4, but I-95 north traffic can exit to DE 4 via the ramp on the right.

 E to DE 48, W to DE 62

 S to I-295/I-495/US-202/DE 141, N to DE 48

 S to I-95/I-295/I-495/DE 141, N to DE 48

 N to DE 2