U.S. Route 13, DE 16/DE 36 to DE 14 Truck


Location: Sussex Hwy and Beach Hwy, Greenwood

Reassurance shield after the 16/36 junction.

Location: Sussex Hwy and Greenwood Rd, Sussex Cty

Reassurance shield about a mile later.

Location: Dupont Hwy and Andrewville Rd, Kent Cty

Reassurance shield a few miles later as we enter Kent County and pass by the town of Farmington. US-13’s name changes to Dupont Hwy.

Location: Dupont Hwy and Tower Hill Rd, Kent Cty

As we near the community of Harrington, we’ll approach a truck route for DE 14. Turn left for 14 Truck west. 14 Truck east joins US-13 into Harrington.

 N to DE 14/DE 14 Truck, S to DE 404

 E to US-13/DE 14, W to DE 14

 E to DE 36W to DE 36

 W to DE 16E to DE 16