U.S. Route 13, US-13 Bus/DE 404/DE 404 Bus to US-13 Bus


Location: Sussex Hwy and Seashore Hwy, Sussex Cty

Reassurance shield as 404 joins and the business loops split.

Location: Sussex Hwy and  Orchards End, Bridgeville

A block or so later, we’ll graze the easternmost edge of Bridgeville.

Location: Sussex Hwy and Redden Rd, Sussex Cty

A stoplight later, we’ll get another reassurance shield.

Location: Sussex Hwy and Main St, Sussex Cty

Just after that, we’ll approach US-13 Business, which heads back south and is unsigned. Turn left here for 13 Business south.


 N to DE 404, S to DE 18

 W to US-13E to DE 18

 S to DE 404 Bus

 N to DE 404 Bus

 E to US-13 BusW to DE 18

 W to US-13 Bus