Delaware Route 14 Truck, DE 14 to US-13


Location: Farmington Rd and Walt Messick Rd, Harrington

No reassurance shield as DE 14 Truck begins.

Location: Farmington Rd and Tower Hill Rd, Kent Cty

A mile or so later, turn left to continue on DE 14 Truck.

Location: Tower Hill Rd and Dupont Hwy, Kent Cty

After the turn, we’ll approach US-13. Turn right for US-13 south. Turn left for US-13 north and DE 14 truck, which follows US-13 back up to Harrington.

 E to US-13/DE 14

 N to DE 14/DE 14 Truck, S to DE 16/DE 36

 E to US-13/DE 14 Truck, W to MD-317/MD State Line