Delaware Route 18, US-13 to MD-318/MD State Line


This is the last segment of highway I drove in my quest to clinch Delaware. 

Location: Cannon Rd and Sussex Hwy, Sussex Cty

No reassurance shield after the US-13 junction.

Location: Cannon Rd and Federalsburg Rd, Sussex Cty

A mile or so later, turn left to stay on DE 18 and the highway to Federalsburg, Maryland.

Location: Federalsburg Rd and Cannon Rd, Sussex Cty

Reassurance shield after the turn.

Location: Federalsburg Rd and Atlanta Rd, Sussex Cty

Reassurance shield about a mile later.

Location: Federalsburg Rd and White Rd, Sussex Cty

Welcome to Maryland! DE 18 transitions to MD-318. The car pictured was my rental car. This was the first state whose highway system I clinched entirely in one car, and I’d never seen that car before that trip and will very likely never see it again.

 E to DE 404

 W to MD-315

 N to US-13 Bus/DE 404/DE 404 BusS to DE 20