Delaware Route 24 Alternate, DE 1D/DE 24 to DE 1D/DE 23


Location: Plantation Rd and John J Williams Hwy, Sussex Cty

Reassurance shield as DE 24 Alt and DE 1D begin. The two routes run concurrent for most of 1D’s length.

Location: Plantation Rd and Robinsonville Rd, Sussex Cty

Reassurance shield about halfway down the length of this segment of highway.

Location: Plantation Rd and Beaver Dam Rd, Sussex Cty

After we come around the upcoming bend, we’ll approach DE 23.

Location: Beaver Dam Rd and Church St, Sussex Cty

Turn right for DE 1D/DE 23 north to US-9/DE 404, which is just a hundred feet or so east of here. DE 1D turns and doesn’t end, so that’s a bit of an error. Stay straight for unsigned DE 24 Alternate, which follows DE 23.

 W to DE 23

 S to DE 1/DE 24, N to US-9/DE 23/DE 404

 S to DE 24/DE 24 AltN to US-9/DE 23/DE 404

 S to DE 24 Alt, N to US-9/DE 1D/DE 404

 S to DE 1/DE 24, N to DE 23/DE 24 Alt

 E to DE 1/DE 1D, W to DE 5/DE 23