Montana Highway 200, US-93 Bus to I-90 Bus/US-93


AMP: 104

Location: I-90 and Orange St, Missoula

Reassurance shield after the 93 business interchange.

AMP: 103

Location: I-90 and Reserve St, Missoula
Exit in 2 miles for US 93 south. This will also be the northern terminus of 93 business and the western terminus of I-90 business. US 93 will join the interstate for a few miles.

 W to I-90/S-474, E to I-90 Bus/US-12

 E to I-90 Bus/US-12, W to US-93/MT-200/S-474

 E to US-93

 N to I-90/S-474, S  to I-90 Bus

S to I-90 Bus