Delaware Route 30, DE 26 to DE 54


Location: Millsboro Hwy and 9 Foot Rd, Sussex Cty

Reassurance shield as 30 joins 26.

Location: Millsboro Hwy and Lowes Crossing Rd, Sussex Cty

Reassurance shield a little bit later. In another half mile or so, DE 54 will join DE 26/30 without signage. Turn left for 54 east and stay straight for 26/30/54 west, which all concur for about a mile.  26 and 54 will concur to the Maryland line.

 W to DE 26/DE 54, E to DE 24

 W to DE 30, E to US-113

 E to US-113, W to DE 30

 W to DE 54E to US-113