Delaware Route 72, DE 2 to DE 2/DE 273


Location: Capitol Trl and Possum Park Rd, New Castle Cty

No reassurance shield as 2 and 72 join.

Location: Capitol Trl and Elm Ave, Newark

Reassurance shield a quarter mile later as we enter Newark.

Location: Capitol Trl and Cleveland Ave, Newark

A few blocks later, turn left to follow Cleveland Ave back to DE 2 east.

Location: Capitol Trl and Library Ave, Newark

As we enter the University/downtown area of Newark, keep right to head into town. Keep left for 2 west/72 south/Library Ave.

Location: Library Ave and Main St, Newark

A few blocks later, we’ll approach DE 273. DE 2 ends at the junction. Stay on 72 south for I-95. Turn left for the 273 east and right for 273 west into downtown. 273 east actually joins 72 north for one block  as the one way couplets from downtown reconverge.

Location: Library Ave and Main St, Newark

Reassurance shield after the 273 junction. The northbound lanes here are part of DE 273 east, but will split at the light.

 S to DE 4, N to DE 7

 E to DE 7

 E to DE 72

 W to DE 896, E to DE 4

 E to DE 7, W to DE 72/DE 273