Delaware Route 273, DE 2/DE 72 to DE 896


Location: Main St and Library Ave, Newark

Reassurance shield after the 2/72 junction as we enter Newark’s downtown area.

Location: Main St and Chapel St, Newark

Downtown Newark still hasn’t buried its utility lines, which gives it a historic, but dated appearance.

Location: Main St and College Ave, Newark

On the west side of downtown, we’ll approach DE 896. This is one of the more confusing junctions- involving a partial concurrency, though 896 north to 273 east involves sno concurrency at all. Delaware 896 north traffic joins right here, however, from College Avenue.

Location: Main St and New London Rd, Newark

A couple blocks later, keep right for 273 west and 896 north. Keep left for 896 south and a return to 273 east.

Location: Main St and Elkton Rd, Newark

Signage at the fork for 896 south and 273 east.

Location: Main St and New London Rd, Newark

Just after that, keep right for 896 north and stay straight for 273 west. We’re not quite out of the woods yet- 896 south is still concurrent with 273 east up ahead, though it will fork in a block.

 W to MD-273/MD State Line, E to DE 4

 S to DE 4/DE 279, N to MD-896/MD State Line

 E to DE 72

 S to DE 4N to DE 2