Montana Secondary Highway 277, US-212 to S-323


AMP: 33

Location: Hammond Rd and US 212, Carter Cty

No reassurance shield at the beginning of 277, but this sign should give you an idea about what’s going on here. The route is an unpaved connector to S-323, but they’re building a pipeline nearby so this normally quiet road has become terribly rutted due to truck traffic. I don’t recommend it unless you absolutely have to go from Broadus to Ekalaka, but who does that?

AMP: 10

Location: Hammond Rd and Cottonwood Rd, Carter Cty

Some point about halfway down the route. Seems like the trucks are at least nice enough to drive down the middle of the road so the rest of us can avoid the ruts, but man.

AMP: 32

Location: Hammond Rd and Ridge Rd, Carter Cty

30 miles or so later, keep right to continue to Ekalaka.

AMP: 33

Location: Hammond Rd and S-323, Carter Cty

Junction 323 coming up. Turn right for 323 south and left for 323 north. Where 277 is one of the uglier secondaries, 323 is pretty nice.

 S to US-212N to S-328

 E to S-323, W to S-544