U.S. Route 12, MT State Line to US-85


Location: US-12 at the Montana Line, Slope Cty

Reassurance shield as US-12 enters North Dakota.

Location: 1st St and 3rd Ave, Marmarth

A couple miles into North Dakota, we’ll enter Marmarth.

Location: 1st St and 4th Ave, Marmarth

Reassurance shield as we start to head out of Marmarth.

Location: US-12 and Main St, Rhame

A few miles later, we’ll enter Rhame.

Location: US-12 and Rhame Rd, Bowman Cty

Reassurance shield as we head out of Rhame.

Location: US-12 and 11th Ave, Bowman Cty

As we near Bowman, we’re advised to use US 85 north to get to Teddy Roosevelt National Park.

Location: US-12 and US-85, Bowman

As we enter Bowman, we’ll come to a junction with US-85.

Location: US-12 and US-85, Bowman

Follow 85 south to Belle Fourche, SD. Take 12 east/85 north into downtown Bowman.

Location: US-12 and US-85, Bowman

Turn right for 85 south. 12 east and 85 north concur into town.

 E to US-85, W to MT-7

 N to US-12, S to SD State Line