North Dakota Highway 25, I-94/I-94 Bus to ND-48


Location: ND-25 and I-94, Morton Cty

Reassurance shield as ND-25 begins.

Location: ND-25 and 32nd St, Morton Cty

Turn right or left for CR 140/32nd St.

Location: ND-25 and 28th Ave, Oliver Cty

Shortly after entering Oliver County, ND-25 will turn to point straight west, a direction it will maintain for the duration of its length.

Location: ND-25 and Pope Ave, Center

A few miles later, we’ll enter Center and approach ND-48.

Location: ND-25 and Center Ave, Center

Follow 48 north to Stanton.

Location: ND-25 and Center Ave, Center

Turn right for 48 north. Stay straight for 25 west.

 W to ND-31

 N to ND-200 Alt

 W to ND-31, E to I-94 Bus

 E to ND-6