Interstate 94, I-94 Bus/ND-810 to US-83/ND-1804


Location: I-94 and Bismarck Expy, Bismarck

Reassurance shield after the Bismarck Expressway exit.

Location: I-94 and US-83, Bismarck

A mile or so later, US-83 will split to head north.

Location: I-94 and US-83, Bismarck

Exit for US-83 north towards Minot. North Dakota 1804 also interchanges here, following 83 north towards Washburn and heading south on its own into downtown Bismarck.

 W to I-194/ND-810, E to US-83/ND-14

 N to ND-1804, S to I-94/ND-14

 N to ND-1804, S to I-94 Bus/ND-810

 S to I-94 Bus, N to US-83

 W to ND-810

 W to I-94 Bus