South Dakota Highway 73, SD-20 to US-212


Location: SD-73 and SD-20, Perkins Cty

Reassurance shield after the 20 split.

Location: SD-73 and Usta Rd, Perkins Cty

Reassurance shield about halfway between 20 and 73. This is a desolate part of South Dakota.

Location: SD-73 and 161 Rd, Meade Cty

Reassurance shield several miles later as we enter Meade County.

Location: SD-73 and US-212, Meade Cty

Shortly after that, we’ll approach US-212.

Location: SD-73 and US-212, Meade Cty

Turn left for 212 east and 73 south towards Faith. Follow 212 west to Belle Fourche. The two routes will concur to Faith.

 S to US-212, N to SD-20

 E to SD-73, W to SD-79

 E to SD-65, W to SD-73