South Dakota Highway 79, US-18 to US-385/NE State Line


Location: US-385 and US-18, Oelrichs

No reassurance shield as we head out of Oelrichs.

Location: US-385 and Millgan Rd, Fall River Cty

Reassurance shield as we head all the way out of Oelrichs and construction ends.

Location: US-385 and CR 4C, Fall River Cty

Reassurance shield a few miles later.

Location: US-385 and SD-79, Fall River Cty

Welcome to Nebraska! SD-79 ends and the road continues as just US-385.

 N to US-18/US-385

 N to SD-71, S to SD-79/NE State Line

 N to US-18, S to NE-L23D

 E to SD-407, W to SD-79