Montana Secondary Highway 210, I-90/US-12 to MT-200


AMP: 10

Location: Frontage Rd and I-90, Missoula Cty

No reassurance shield at the beginning of 210, which follows old US 10 to Bonner.

AMP: 3

Location: Frontage Rd and Mountain Dr, Turah, Missoula Cty

We’ll pass by the little community of Turah. Turn left to follow a little connector to I-90.

AMP: 0

Location: S-210 and MT-200, Missoula Cty

Just east of Bonner, we’ll come to an unmarked junction with Highway 200. Turn left for 200 west towards Bonner and right for 200 east towards Ovando.

 W to I-90/US-12, E to MT-83

 E to I-90 Bus/MT-1, W to MT-200

 E to I-90 Bus/MT-1, W to MT-200