South Dakota Highway 79, SD-231 to SD-445


Location: I-90 and Peaceful Pines Rd, Meade Cty

Reassurance shield after the SD-231 interchange.

Location: I-90 and Deadwood Ave, Rapid Cty

As we enter Rapid City, we’re advised that there are two possible routes to get to Mt. Rushmore via US-16.

Location: I-90 and Deadwood Ave, Meade Cty

Exit for Deadwood Ave, which is unsigned SD-445.

  S to I-190/US-16/US-16 TruckN to I-90 Bus

 E to I-190/US-16/US-16 TruckW to I-90 Bus

 W to I-90 BusE to I-190/US-16/US-16 Truck

 S to SD-231

 S to SD-445