South Dakota Highway 79, SD-34 to I-90 Bus


Location: SD-34 and SD-79, Meade Cty

No reassurance shield as 79 joins.

Location: Lazelle St and Blanche St, Sturgis

A couple miles later, we’ll enter World Famous Sturgis.

Location: Lazelle St and Neille St, Sturgis

Reassurance shield as we enter Sturgis.

Location: Lazelle St and Junction Ave, Sturgis

At the light, we’ll approach I-90 Business, which isn’t signed right here. Stay straight for 34 west/79 south to US-14A, as well as 90 Business west. Turn left for 90 Business east into downtown.

 S to I-90/I-90 Bus/US-14/US-14A/SD-34, N to US-212

  W to I-90/I-90 Bus/US-14/US-14A/SD-79, E to SD-73

  E to I-90/US-14/SD-79W to I-90/US-14/US-14A/SD-34/SD-79

 W to I-90 Bus, E to SD-73