Alberta Highway 4, AB-845 to AB-61/AB-846


Location: AB-4 and AB-845, Lethbridge Cty

Reassurance shield after the 845 junction.

Location: AB-4 and AB-845, Cty of Warner No. 5

A couple km later, we’ll approach Highways 61 and 846. Follow 4 south to Great Falls, Montana. Take 61 east to Foremost and 846 south to Stirling.

Location: AB-4 and AB-61, Cty of Warner No. 5

Stay straight for 4 south. Turn left for 61 east and right for 846 south.

 S to AB-52, N to AB-508

 E to AB-36

 S to AB-52

 N to AB-512, S to AB-52