Alberta Highway 17, SK-798 to AB-16/SK-16


Location: AB/SK-17 and SK-798, RM of Britannia SK

Reassurance shield after the 798 junction.

Location: AB/SK-17 and Twp Rd 504, RM of Britannia SK

A few kilometers later, turn left for former Highway 774.

Location: AB/SK-17 and 62 St, Lloydminster

A few kilometers after that, we’ll enter the border town of Lloydminster. Lloydminster is unique in that it straddles the provincial boundary but has only one government, so it truly is one city in two provinces.

Location: 50 Ave and 62 St, Lloydminster

In Lloydminster, follow 16 east into Saskatchewan for the visitor’s center.

Location: 50 Ave and 56B St, Lloydminster

Reassurance shield a few blocks later.

Location: 50 Ave and 44 St, Lloydminster

Several blocks later, in downtown Lloydminster, we’ll approach Trans-Canada 16. Turn right for AB-16 and left for SK-16. I appreciate the attention to detail, with each shield having the name of the correct province.

 S to AB-619, N to AB-45/SK-3

 S to AB-619, N to SK-3/AB-45

 W to AB-897

 E to SK-303

 E to SK-675