Alberta Highway 23, AB-24/AB-542 to AB-534


Location: AB-23 and AB-24, Vulcan Cty

No reassurance shield after the 24 junction as 23 turns to head south.

Location: AB-23 and Twp  Rd 172, Vulcan Cty

A few kilometers later, we’re 2 kilometers from Vulcan.

Location: AB-23 and Center St, Vulcan

Damnit, Vulcan.

Location: AB-23 and Elizabeth St, Vulcan

On the south side of Vulcan, we’ll approach Highway 534.

Location: AB-23 and AB-534, Vulcan

Follow 534 west into Nanton, 534 east to Lomond, and 23 south to Champion.

Location: AB-23 and AB-534, Vulcan Cty

Turn right for 534 west and left for 534 east. Stay straight for 23 south.

 S to AB-529, N to AB-804

 E to AB-842, W to AB-804

 N to AB-547

 E to AB-842